Hmm. Was Adam and eve content with their perfect lives in the garden of eden? Was Moses content from having communication with God? Was Thomas content with seeing Jesus after His Resurrection?

In some ways its good to be content.And in others we need to be careful.

Tonight I questioned my motives and what being content really meant. I don't ever want to be just ok with my relationship with God. I don't ever want the flame to go out. This fire that is inside of my heart has passion to grow huge and to pour into others but sometimes being ok just does it. I start to slowly get comfortable with how things are going and I loose the drive to grow, to be better, to live for Him alone. I really don't understand how Job was able to get back on his feet, or how Paul could preach to the very people he once hated. I might be just going off on a limb with this but I just don't want to be satisfied with dust. I don't want ashes, I want real. Pastor Al was talking about how people just want Reality. And that is so true, we want something that we can grasp. I guess that is why sometimes in our christian walks it gets hard to believe and have faith, because we are so craving something to grab, yet the very thing that we can't see is more powerful. It is more real than what is seen. " Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen" Heb 11:1 We must have faith. Without faith we are hopeless. Without hope we are nothing.

Anyway back to be being content. I desire more of Jesus. I am tired of being ok with where I am at with the Lord.

I love this song

In the morning when I rise....give me Jesus.
When I die....give me Jesus.

He is the only one that matters. May we be satisfied in Jesus and in Him alone.
So I will not compromise, I will not settle for less. I will not just be ok, I want to be on fire with the Lord.

Thank you for showing me yourself. God make this heart of mine burn for you, show me how to be satisfied in you and above all may you be glorified in me always.
To you be the glory forever.
In Jesus name, Amen.

God bless!!!!

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Emilie Joy said...

I know exactly what you mean.... More of Jesus..Amen!