I made it through the crowd
just inches away from seeing this man
that could heal this bleeding, this pain

I didnt hesistate to get as close as i could,
just enough to touch the end of his robe
enough to be healed of this ache that ive had for so long

I know that i had nothing to offer Him
and I knew and heard He was the healer of sin
in that moment I was stopped in the streets
by the comforting voice of this man
I could no longer see

the crowds were pushy and loud that day,
but, my Jesus couldnt ignore the power that was displayed
He called me out,
a woman who once was in pain
to see who i was
He called me by name

He said,Daughter
I melted, this man was not ashamed
He commanded that I go and walk in peace
His promises I clinged to and I was set free

After 12 long years,
I have never known such compassion
and love from anyone before
I was healed by a man whose words changed my life

Matthew 9:20

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