Project 365

an attempt to stay consistent for a year and hopefully see at the end of 2011 the good. :)

Its the beginning of 2011. Crazy how fast 2010 went.

I spent my New Year celebration with the Refuge HS kids...it was fun. All together 16 kids and counselors went. It was super duper cold...definitely should have dressed a bit warmer. Went on the few good rides that are at Knott's and ended with a lovely very sugary Funnel Cake just in time to count down the new year.

Looking back on 2010 I have definitely been blessed. I was able to be apart of two of my really best friends weddings, continue on at the bookstore as full-time(benefits and money), celebrate good times and comfort friends that went through the bad times. I grew in my walk with the Lord, got to see Jesus be more real in my life and how precious I am to Him and realize once again how much I NEED Him.

Hopes for 2011: - God would continue to grow me and shape me
- that my satisfaction would be in Him alone
- God would stretch ( gulp) me
- that my Jesus would be glorified
- I would have a better sense of calling and direction of my life
- I would get to go Skydiving soon
- That i would LOVE those who God has placed in my life

Happy New Year!!!!!

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