For the past month I have been over- thinking the future. TWENTY-FOUR, that age for some reason scares me.Although it is two years away, there is so much that could happen. And to that age, is where my own thoughts for how life will turn out ends. I have decided to continue bible college and stretch it out for just one more year. It is sometimes hard to plan around the unknown. Just realizing that the older I get the more changes will occur and life will not be so, how do i say, easy. I have it so nice right now, free place to live, not to many bills, great job. But, scary to think or say it won't always be this easy. And sooner or later change will happen. In His timing I believe that I can rest in His promise for me that He will never leave me nor forsake me.

And as I get older, I hope to have a better confidence in how I present myself, in how I present the Lord to others.
For now I am called for such a time as this to live one day at time, trusting and believing that my God is in control. :)

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