Steps of faith

Tuesday this week was a not so good day. I was tired. Frustrated with myself and in line for the enemy to just throw darts.

And then i came home....within ten minutes my mom is trying to open the door. I asked why she is home...."I got fired"....after those words, I seriously was bitter and angry. Questions in my head of "what are we going to do?, How are we going to make it?,Are we going to have to move?" came rushing to my head.

Even in the hardest times God will provide.
I can say that God has really shown Himself to us. We have been praying as a family more often. God has given us assurance that He will provide for us. My mom even told me that the day she got fired, she had read her devotional and it was on God providing. WOW. We serve a faithful God.

So. with all that. I ask for your prayers as we continue to trust in our BIG God.That my mom would find a job that is local and a blessing. Most of all, that the Lord's will would be upon our family.

I am not sure what next will happen as I serve Him, but I do know that God has it all in His hands.

Thanks and hope ya have a blessed weekend.

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