Do you ever want to scream so loud causing the birds to fly far off?
Do you ever want to take your heart and smash it into a million pieces cause then maybe it won't hurt?
Do you ever feel so alone inside that life just does not seem worth it?


Sitting at the lifeguard station letter A, watching the waves crash away
looking at the dark sky, wondering why
if that is what my heart looks like.
yelling in my head
can't seem to make a sound
fighting off the darts
that won't back down.
why is it so hard? I ask too many times
the only glimpse of beauty is shimmering off the sea
making colors mesh so well that it fades into the black
Oh, how long will this go on for? How long will it take, before the sun rises
before the dark goes away.
Its been too long. Its been to far. Too far to reach
Two choices await, as I fall to my knees
wait for the dark to fade or sleep just awhile longer.

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Magdalene Barbara said...

I love you more than life itself<3