So yesterday I had my Isaiah class which I can say that at the beginning I was so ready to drop just because my comfort level was quickly fading. Than the Lord really took my heart and showed me to find peace, comfort, confidence in Him alone. I love my class now.The teacher is energetic and sweet. I know that the Lord has put me in this class for a reason. It will be interesting to see what that reason is. Maybe I will never know. But I am just blessed that God is pouring into me. :)

well later on my oldest brother, Justin,came over. Well he started to mess around with my guitar and I showed him a song that I wrote back in March. It was so much fun just trying to see how the chords could work.
And than we decided to go see the movie Eagle eye. Awesome movie.great action movie. I had much fun.

I look forward to fun parties for the upcoming holidays. I look forward to the Lord molding me and shaping me into the woman He desires. So.

God is faithful.

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