Today was to say the least a lazy one. I did not get much done for homework , waisted some time, and didn't care. But tonight was full of awesome things, great worship, love, Jesus, promises and fellowship.

I love how God is always there...always
I love how God never changes
I love how God reveals Himself all the time
I love how God is faithful
I love how God comforts
I love how God loves me.

Tonight was sooo good. This was probably the first wednesday night that was so amazing since before England. And i felt so refreshed and ready to see what, where and how the Lord will His work through me. I so desire to be a woman after His heart. Its tough sometimes but o this life, this moment on earth is worth it all that we can spend eternity with the Creator with my daddy. The Lord like non stop since England has been giving me the verses Prov 3:5-6 and Matthew 7:7-8....the trust in the Lord and ASk, Seek, Knock verses. hmmm God is good.
This might not even make sense anymore but its so great to be able to stand on my Rock, My Refuge, My Savior and rest in Him. I want to just bask in His love, I want to dance like there is no tomorrow and shout praises to His name forever more.

MARANTHA> Lord come quickly.

God bless !!!

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