That day

I look around to find that face
the only warmth that I’ll embrace.
I see those before me stand
rising as he takes my hand
my father giving me that kiss
his blessing on our day

And I pray to the Lord
our soul He keeps
to walk with us in all our needs
to guide our lives to glorify the King

We take the vows heart in heart
ready for that brand new start
sharing the love from Jesus Christ
thanking Him for this life.

The time comes to share with those around
the kisses and hugs that have been bound
for in this joyous occasion
The father is pleased in our submission

We walk down that isle joined in marriage
blessed by the Lord’s love
and in all of our ways acknowledging Him
trusting that God will direct our paths
to a life desiring only Him.

God is faithful!!!

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Liz said...

awwwww i love thiiiiiiis!!