Its been an interesting year so far. God has been really breaking my own desires and plans. And i am blessed.

Found in the whole of my own faults
lying on the floor dreaming a far off
waiting to be found, to be rescued
I was drowning in the sea of misery
failing to give into His love for me
until He broke my pride
my pain and hurt
broke my plans made them dirt

He gives and takes away
i have learned to not be afraid
of this change that takes place
just to stand in the presence
of the one who found me when i was lost

I am standing at the feet of my Jesus
I am no longer afraid
to walk in the path He laid out for me

Rescued from my sins
that made me dry and bare
I am cleansed by the blood
of the man who truly cared

He is the one who saved me
from the absense of His son
He is the one who carried me
and gladly welcomed me Home.


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Dain said...

I didn't know you had a blog...