Seriously what is worship? What does worship mean to you?

In my own experience, worship really means more then singing although that is a great way to honor our God. Worship is definatly more then that. When we worship our God, just by praying, fellowshiping, sharing our gifts the Lord has blessed us with and giving God the glory that my friend is worshiping God.
Tonight was so stinking awsome. After the HOUSE (college ministry) Austin, Carly, and I all went down to the HB pier and started playing some songs. It was really really awsome. Then all these peeps from the HOUSE showed up and we all talked and sang and just had sweet fellowship with eachother. During just a random time when everyone was in little groups i had this thought that all these people that i am sitting and hanging out with, i will see them in heaven. These guys and girls are my brothers and sisters in christ. That was just a neat thougth that the Lord gave me. I encourage you to all seek Him and be blessed by the things that our father has provided.

Bless the Lord my soul and all that is with in me bless His holy name....

In His holy and precious name,

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Anonymous said...

yeah last night was so awesome. :-) i'm really excited for heaven...it's so amazing that this super imperfect world is not our home...we have something so much better that we are looking toward!! :-)
love ya!