What can wash away my sins, what can make me whole again , nothing but the blood nothing but the blood of jesus.

gazing at the moon light while sitting on the ground,
finding myself so little, how could i be found.
As i ponder these thoughts that only bring disspair
it says in my fathers word that He is always there.
How could i ever think of not praising my God,
when all my life is even for the glory of the Lord
and yet i do the fleshly things that do not give Him praise
i sometimes desire that will someday fade away
He shall give us strength to do His perfect will
and when we start to gaze at the moon that He has made
the Lord our God will someday share to us,
when He would look at the moon and think of all He has made
the one thing that will bring Him most joy is the day when we where made.
For we are here to do His work to relfect His begotten son
we are here to live and learn like the perfect one.

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