I am not perfect !!!! Thank you Jesus

I could sing of your love forever, I could sing of your love forever......

Sometimes all i want is to stop what i am doing and just sit right where i am at. Sometimes the only strength i have is to sit on the side of the road and ponder. And sometimes by just waiting and seeking Him we are able to see the reason why He has made this road in the first place.

I don't always understand the position God has put us in. For the most part I am thankful for that. Last night i really knew that right now where i am at, is ok, its where he has me.
He has me serving Him by going to school , getting good grades and trying my very best at everything that i do. He has me at the Highschool group to minister and to be ministered to. He has me growing at the place that i work at. He has given me many challenges, many tests, and many times to cry to Him , and yell that I need Him. He has me see that my life is filled with His son. I AM NOT PERFECT . I NEED HIS HELP.
The Lord has shown me that if i am open He can take me anywhere, and can fulfill the desires He has put in my heart.
Yes i would love to travel get married, finish school, and many other spectular things. And i want to be here where He has me. This sort of peace that i have is so comforting. How can i fail a life when Jesus is my guide.
I truely beyond all the THINGS that would be nice, i truely just want to be closer to my maker. I want to make HIM proud. That when i die, my life was a relfection of His son.

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Anonymous said...

i haven't seen you in 4 days, which is SO STRANGE. wow. that's the longest we've gone without seeing each other in a VERY long time and it's WEIRD!

well i will see you tomorrow, and i'm happy. :-) i'm glad we're both done with this stupid being sick thing.

i love you and i'm excited to see what God is going to do with you, and with me too i guess. hahaha. just thoughts from this post, which i read quite awhile at your house but never commented on until now. anyway yeah. see ya soon. :-)