Fall to Him

even when the sun is out and the wind begins to blow
a overwhelming peace calms my heart to a slow
it is almost like awaking from a long nap
unsure of the surrondings , uncertain of the path
i walk in the heat while i am so cold
i walk through the wind with nothing to hold
and at times i think i will fall on my hands and knees
fearing a god who gives me air to breathe
wondering what my purpose , amazed that He doesn't see
the path's i have taken and choices i have made
once a different person , but now saved.
this confusing time can only get better
a sweeter moment as i read His letter
"Don't give up hope when things are tough
stand even when you may fall
trust that all the times you do choose the wrong
i know that in your heart you are strong."
as i walk on that sunny day as the wind begins to blow
His overwhelming presence calms my heart to a slow.

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