It's Simply amazing how awsome, wonderful , and glorious the God and father of my Who am I to praise this truth, simply no one. i have no identity without God. thats right, there is no Melissa without Jesus. And believe me. I thank the dear Lord that He is in control and alive.

Seated I wait in awe of you
clothed in this holy presence
amazed by your glory and love
i am not anything, He is everything.
who am i to see your face?
who am i to see your grace?
who am i to know your son?
i am nothing you are the only one.

You are the one that can't fail
You are the one who's love is real
You are the one in my life
You are the one who made a sacrafice

Amazed i stand in awe of you
i stand because of your beauty
Bowing before my father
crying out to Him.

I am nothing He is the only one.
He is everything.
You are everything.

Will be up in LA for three days so will miss ya guys.
-In His hands.


Anonymous said...

hey i'm really glad you got one of these. and i really like the name of it and the meaning of the name...and dain will be so proud that it's German. haha. oh and great choice of template too hehehe.

awesome post...God's given you a gift of expressing things, it's so amazing to see. keep sharing them cuz i love reading them.

i'm gonna miss you while you're in LA, but i hope you have fun and i will see you soon!!!

Daniel said...

Hey glad to see everyone with a Blog again. Have fun in are missed.