Take a deep breath

Everyday I get a reminder from my watch to breathe, most of the time I ignore it. And sometimes I take a minute and intentionally breathe in some deep ones. 

Right now, more than ever is the time where we can put behind the crazy exhausting day mindset. For me days were filled with an 8 work shift, coming home, eating dinner and then going into my room to work on homework. Everyday was the same, I cut out all non essential social time because my main priority was school and work, work and school. Sleep was low on my list and in fact the past few weeks I was getting maybe 4 hours a night and still thinking that somehow I could make it during the day. And I did, which really is only through co-workers that prayed and encouraged me along the way and a little coffee. 

Honestly, although this season has been filled with little rest and a whole lot of schooling...I love it. Which may have been a nightmare a few years ago of even considering going back to school, but I love what I am learning. I love that I get to apply the things I'm learning from Early Childhood classess and translate that into understanding these preschoolers better. 

There are over 100 preschoolers at the school I work at and I know all their names. I love seeing them grow mentally, socially and physically. I love their laughs and smiles and the "running in your arms" type of hugs. I love their funny jokes, silly faces and teary eyes. I even love them through the hardest parts of the day which is usually during exctended care. And I really miss them. Even though my school is closed for a while and I don't get to see my best friend everyday and interact with my co-workers as we minster to the best little children, I know that God is in the midst and He is allowing this rest. 

This time that we have been given to stay home is a gift. We have a gift to reconnect with friends, to pick up the phone and call eachother, to check in with eachother instead of being so caught up in the busy. This slow down hault has given me new perspective of taking a moment and breathing. How can we invest in others? How can we create a new routine that allows for intentional rest and investment in our mental health? How can I be in the present? These are just some of the things I want to work on. Also, in what areas have you given up because of your super busy schedule...for me its doing this. I miss writing and sharing my thoughts. So that is why I am writing again almost a year ago from my last post, cause really, its been a wild ride since then and I wouldn't change a thing. 

After this first week of the new normal, I met up with a friend and we walked near the beach. It was so nice to connect again, to take that much needed break from the news, from the flooding thoughts of the unknown and actually stop. I can tell you that through this whole pandemic I have had peace. Peace that really has been such a calm when all around me feels like a storm. 

"You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, Because he trusts in You."
 Isaiah 26:3

Lets take this precious time we have and slow down. Lets be intentional with who we spend time with in whichever way. Lets sit down and talk with Jesus, invite him into your fears and your worries and your struggles. This is my challange, will you make it yours?! 

Lets remind each other to breathe, to pray and to act in Love. If anyone every needs to talk, to have a *social distance* shoulder to cry on, to pray with, or to laugh with, I am here.  

Thanks for reading! 

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