Day Dreams

It's a bright sunny day and you can hear the waves crashing, the sand between your toes and peace. You are at peace cause your eyes are closed and you have no worry or care.

Than you open your eyes and you're at the table surrounded by the noise of the morning rush in your home, or maybe the phone ringing for an order, or maybe the traffic lights as you are waiting for the next customer to need a ride to the airport, or maybe you're on your knees weeping from that day. Either way, we all long for something that isn't right in front of us. We get lost in the "better" day that you could be having or the better clothes, the better food, the better friends, the better coffee, the better vacation or lack there of. Maybe its the simple but dangerous thought that as you're in a rut, you are suffering alone.

We all suffer, we all have issues, whether it be money needs, heart issues, self confidence, physical and/or spiritual pain, its there. But so many times we feel alone. So many times I have wondered if the grass is greener on the other side. Is that favorite city of yours that you love to travel to, better than the one your in. Is that marriage & kids life better than your single life.

The answer is NO. I can confidently say that I am not where I sometimes think I want to be, because God has me here. Here...and if God has me here whether it be on the mountain waiting for His guidance, or the streets waiting for Him to pass through the crowds or it be on the boat waiting for the big catch, I am here. Its hard to be here, it can be aching and it can be dangerous if that waiting time becomes bitter, but know this, know that as you day dream of that perfect day, perfect job, perfect marriage, perfect vacation, God knows. He knows what you long for and He knows when the right timing is for you to be fully blessed. 

Don't neglect the time He has you in, don't stop worshiping Him just cause you're not where you want to be, where you think God should take you. I have to remind myself that the act of worship should never be determined on how happy or mad I am with God or with where I'm at, the act of worship is a surrender, its an act of humble surrender. This surrender opens up room in your heart and opens your eyes to see His goodness, His promises and His love that goes far beyond our wildest day dreams. Your act of worship doesn't have to be boisterous or in front of a bunch of people or even in how you serve. Your act of worship can be as simple as laying your burdens at His feet and entrusting your fears or your circumstances. God just wants us, not bits, but all of us. I think that to be used fully as the body of Christ, we must be fully surrendered to Him. How can we see results in the church, if each member is only giving/using 2% of their gifts to glorify God. Now don't for one second think that you are not special, that God doesn't have room for you, that He is done using you, or that what you have done this week or in the past has changed His plan for you. That is a lie, God didn't allow His son to be born in the lowliest of places for you to be alone, He was born in the lowliest of places to meet us. I am so comforted by the fact that Jesus sees my issues, my desires and hardships. He is working whether we see it or not, and that means that we need to be worshipping Him whether we believe His love for us spans from sea to sea that His thoughts toward us are greater than the sands and that His desire for us is good.

Give up trying to dream of a better than life without God first and foremost, because nothing will ever compare to the amazing life He has for you even now as you sit at your 9-5 or on the couch waiting for the kids to come home from school or that 10th doctor visit in this month alone. He is where you are at and He wants to take you beyond. But don't stop worshipping Him , don't allow your circumstances to change your act of worship. He will take whatever you have to offer Him and He will make it beautiful. 

Worship in the waiting, worship in the valley, worship in the unknown, worship in the lack of your own understanding of His work, worship even when you're fighting back the tears of frustration and anger,  worship in the comfort of His presence, worship in the dirt of life, worship Him on your knees as you place it all at His feet and than stand in the boldness, the joy and strength of the Lord.

"Now therefore STAND still and see this great thing that the Lord will do before your eyes" 1 Samuel 12:16

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