Follow Through

If you were to take a recording of all the times that I followed through on plans or made a point to communicate my intentions for a better friendship, it would be considerably low. I want to follow through with plans, but sometimes my selfishness takes over. It says "Maybe there is a better deal". It says "Don't commit. A more exciting event is surely around the corner". When I was younger  I was always up for adventure; rarely committing. But when it came to having plans, my friends and I just didn't really care to keep them.

Age definitely brings maturity; a better sense of time and a better understanding that it should be respected. I am more committed and plan for things ahead. I like knowing my surroundings, what to expect, how will the weather be, what type of food will be served at dinner, will I be comfortable, will people like me. Just think, back in the old days before phones, If people made plans to meet at Bob's Taco Shop at 5pm, everyone knew to be there. I feel like people didn't flake out as much, because they cared about the commitment they made. Thanks to all of the distractions we have today, it seems harder and harder to expect much from people now days. Personal challenge for myself here is to be less flakey, keep me accountable please!

All things I know the Lord is stretching at growing me in. I also love that the Lord never fails us. He always follows through with His plans. He doesn't make promises that He can't or won't keep. Jesus didn't do anything half way. In the old testament, God showed up when Moses went atop the mountain, God showed up to part that Red Sea, God showed up even when the despair that David expressed in the Psalms would overtake him. Jesus showed up on that cross for me and for the thief. He loves showing up and in ways we wouldn't expect. We can expect great things from this great big God, but don't think for a minute that you can expect to know HOW God shows up, just trust that if He followed through in meeting Peter on the water, or feeding those people with the bread and fish, than by golly, believe that HE LOVES YOU! He proves it over and over and over again.

I recently invested just a bit of my heart into a little conversation that I was having with a guy and it just didn't end up to what I had expected. I was disappointed, discouraged and feeling defeated. Pretty fun stuff when I place my value, identity and hopes in one person. But that little situation brought me to this thought that no matter what, no matter how many times I fail and people fail me, I can't forget that Jesus shows up.

Remember when Peter joined Jesus on the water, remember how Jesus was His biggest encouragement and support. And how Jesus didn't just put His feet in the water and say "eh, I don't feel like meeting you Peter" Or what if He said that to us, "Oh ya Missy, its just not my day I, I don't really want to prove over and over again that I love you and that my promises are good." I can expect that from the world, but not my God. He shows up and follows through. He also doesn't lack in His promises.

It's easy to give exuse to why I'm late for a meet up with friends or why I consistently show up late to church on Sunday morning. I'm admitting that cause this is a judge free zone, right?!  I know sometimes I can give half of my attention to a person or situation and I fail to serve with a whole heart sometimes. Jesus knows when I fail and when I will continue to fail others and Him. He picks me up, dusts me off and says go there. I'm thankful that He doesn't give into my insecurities and tells me the WHOLE plan for my life, cause I think I would chicken out. His presence gives us victory to become more like Him.

A few weeks ago one of my pastors said this during his sermon and it just confirmed to me that God shows up, he said " God is not fickle in His intentions" , wow. Did you hear that, HE IS NOT FICKLE, HE DOES NOT WAIVER, in HIS intentions. He has good and trustworthy intentions. Join me in believing, claiming and standing firm on this truth.

Blessings to you all and thanks for reading!

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