Being Quiet

As a child we’ve all been told by our moms during a movie or a church service or even when adults were talking to be quiet.

Isn’t it so hard to sit still when you have so much to say. Why are we told to be quiet, because there’s something we need to be listening too. If we are always talking but never open to hear from Him than it’s going to be more difficult for us to see the sweet blessings that He has in store for all of us.

It’s good to speak your mind, it’s good to share your feelings and burdens but it’s also good to take wise counsel, listen to other people be ready to hear what the Lord has to say.

I try to quicken my sitting time with Jesus, I’ll look over at the clock and have a time set whether it be 5 or 10 minutes to read my bible and be still...but so often I do the countdown on Jesus and quicken my time spent. But I know that time is not my own. I have NO control of when I will die, when I will be a mom, when I’ll finally learn patience and being still but I do know that God is outside of time. HE is in control. It can be a tossed phrase to soften circumstances but it’s truth. God is in control. Not out of control, not flaky or lacking in power. If we can trust an Uber driver to take us from one place to another than why is it sooo hard to constantly put our trust in Jesus.

Why? For me it’s because I can’t see the outcome. I can pay the Uber driver to take me to the airport because I’m telling him where I want to be taken. I get to decide and I can choose to also change my route. But with God, we are called to trust in Jesus with sometimes no certain destination in mind. Just like Moses was called to lead the people to an unknown land. I as a Christian am to hand over my plans, my destinations, my expectations and my own ways. Because once that happens, I’m free. I’m no longer on the side of worry of how I’ll make it through the month with my expenses, how I’ll be able to emotionally handle the next week, how I will someday have a home and family of my own. The burden is removed because it is no longer mine. God is the one who gives and takes away and His ways are ALWAYS best.

I have so many stories of how only God met me. But just this past week, I was at the gym with a lot on my mind. The whole time driving to the gym I was sharing to the Lord all that was on my heart. In those times I put on a podcast and run it out. This week the Lord totally met me as I was just listening to a Reality SF message. I was allowing the Lord to respond to my concerns, my heart, my burdens. I know I need to do that more often where I just let Him meet me.

I’m just along this journey of life, learning the never ending lesson of being still and trusting Jesus.

Thanks for reading my heart ❤️

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