Why do we add sugar to coffee

I recently was on a hungry hunt for some tasty tacos. It's Tuesday, so surely there are plenty of places to pick from. After driving in a well populated cop area and keep missing my turns,  my frustration only grew. I was hangry...but I kept driving, each time realizing that those taco places filled with people were just too busy for my patient self cause I wanted tacos now. My friend and I caved into stopping at this kinda sketchy place that definetly  had "ok" yelp reviews. I usually rely on Yelp for accurate details of what to expect and if its bad, I don't even bother. The more time we wasted staring at this empty establishment that seemed to fit right in, made me wonder if we made the right choice by staying, I mean there was no line. We get out head to the front and no one is there. Like we hear people but no one. Now I'm at the point where we have waited this long, lets just order and pray its at least worth it. Once we grab our seats, more people start showing up and it seems to be getting a line. But the true test was the food and I have to say, I wish we would have listened to the reviews...

How often do we take quantity over quality? How often do we settle because we are impatient? How often do we add sugar to our coffee rather than paying a little more for quality coffee that shouldn’t need sugar. 
How often do I do this. Honestly, more than I'd like to admit. 

This type of behavior can have some mean consequences. When I start to think that more is better, the happy emotion satisfies, the coffee needs sugar, yelp is right and I didn't listen, that is when my joy is replaced with frustration and I become dissatisfied with the rich land, goods and blessings that are right in front of me.

Once this behavior is recognized, I must take action. I am now aware of the "ok" choices I've made towards good over best and I'm done. Splenda is no longer an addition to my expensive coffee habits. Finally after hearing of so many people tell me how bad Splenda was, I gave it up, cause at the end of the day I don't want to add sugar to the quality coffee that I paid good money for. I want the best and nothing less. 

Breakthrough moment recently as I started going to the gym. Like actually committing to the gym 3 times a week. Let me tell you, I have always been very intimidated by the gym, the people, the attitudes, the addiction of it all. But I finally said no to fear in this area and signed up. I was nervous, so nervous, so unaware of what to do, thinking everyone was judging even though all the signs in this gym read #nojudgezone #nocritics yet it was still hard.  It was not easy to walk in there or even get on a machine. But now, after going for 8 weeks and getting familiar with how the machines work, how my body works, watching how others use the machines, getting into this routine of heathy living, the gym is no longer a hurdle that seems impossible to leap over, but rather a tool to help me. There are always going to be challenges in life that we have to face, whether its heartache, job loss, depression, health issues, the one thing that remains a strength in those weak times is Jesus. I didn't join the gym cause my brother kept telling me how great it was and how much I would enjoy it, I didn't join the gym cause I want to be a body builder or a gym rat or that I thought I "needed" it. I joined the gym cause this year I wanted to be strong. I want my walk with Jesus spiritually to be strong and I want to physically be strong, to take on whatever the Lord blesses me with. 

I finally said no to easy and signed up for hard. It’s not always fun being challenged. But the results are incomparable, the pay off of being committed to walking this journey of ups and downs is knowing that we are not in this race alone. Through all of this, God is for me and He is for you. I know that the Lord has taken me through a lot of stretching and meeting and I’m so beyond thankful that in those times I am made more like Him, in those times I’m changing. All for the better!

If God created us into His imagine and we are quality made, perfectly constructed. Why do we add. Why do I think that I can make all things better. I need to leave the creativeness to the Creator and rest in His goodness. 

Thanks for reading my scattered thoughts!!!

-Mis out! 

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