the year of more

Did you ever see that movie called Blank Check back in the 90's? I loved that movie, I remember watching it with my cousins in the living room all laid down in our sleeping bags as we wished we could be like the kid in the movie. He had played the cards well and got whatever he wanted. Theres one scene where the kid stops by a ice cream place and gets a trash can full of ice cream. I mean he didn't just want 3 scoops with cherries on top, no he wanted a trash can full of ice cream that he would never be able to finish. And he got it just because he could. It seems like everyone wants more than they can afford. But what if you could have more of the best and the supply never runs out, the gifts, the joy, the hope, the love never ends. What if you could live for eternity and never have too much of God's promises and grace. Welp, you can. But do you want it?

Today is a brand new day. This lovely phrase is something that I have included in my weekly routine. It is a reminder that yesterday was yesterday and that today is full of new blessings and new promises. So just as I have said this many a time these past few months, I will continue to embrace this truth in this new year which is full of new possibilities and adventures. 

I want more. I want more of Jesus, I want to sing more and read more, live more, travel more, give more and receive more. I want to be more like my Jesus. And with a cherry on top.

Usually I am very hesitant to expect much for the new year, I almost am a pessimist because I already  feel like nothing will end up happening the way I want it to. So I cast off the new year as something to be dreaded because I am selfish. Its true. I have to constantly choose to look at new, as the glass half full instead of my normal...the glass is completely empty. Well this year I am going to stop. I am going to STOP deciding that I know best. Cause HIS WAYS are way better and by far greater than mine. Thats truth and I need to start walking in that. 

Desiring more is a choice. If we are satisfied with the little and only think that is all we get then we are placing limits on the incredible God. He wants more for us but we need to put down that box that we so easily carry around with us and stop allowing our insecurities to define God. Let God do more in you and through you. I am fully speaking to myself.

"You have multiplied, O LORD my God, your wondrous deeds and your thoughts toward us; none can compare with you! I will proclaim and tell of them, yet they are more than can be told." Psalm 40:5

Practically how can I grow ?

Read His word. Ask, seek and knock on doors, spill your heart out to Him and watch His handwork unfold. Have a good ugly cry, it can be silent or loud, it can be in the corner of your room, your car, or surrounded by some friends. But do it. Cry it all out. And then wash your face, laugh and rest. This is what I do every 6 months. I don't have it scheduled but life seems to go over the top and I get so overwhelmed.
When my eyes are off of Jesus is when I think that I have nothing. If our eyes are not on Jesus than we are missing out on seeing His blessings. He will still bless us and love us but we don't get to see it maybe as clear. If you could would you really want to sit out on getting the best of the best?

So lets toast to making this year, the year of more. lets ask God for more, lets ask God to speak to us more, lets do more sit ups and crunches, more book reading than phone time, more classical music than the radio, more FaceTime with Jesus, more adventures that lead to knowing more of His incredible and vast love. More deep talks that encourage each other, more minutes of sitting in silence and listening for His voice. More moments of kindness, more moments of vulnerability. More feeding ourselves with God's word than magazines latest gossip. We can be filled to the brim or we can be overflowing in love with Jesus. your choice. Just as that kid was not satisfied with a small portion of ice cream we should not be satisfied with the crumbs that this world distracts us with. We should be desiring the extra extras with cherries on top.

I remember in forth grade having to dress up in whichever profession you wanted to be when you got older. And I came to school looking like an old lady with goodwill reading glasses and a sign that said I was a teacher. Funny thing is, the beginning of this year  I finally got my first pair of glasses. I have always wanted glasses cause I think they are so cool. So this year, I am stepping out and actually going to lead a bible study. Its a ladies study going through the book of Hosea. I am excited and a bit nervous. But mostly curious of how He is going to speak through me and how He is going to use the women who come. This step of faith is me taking action in my desire for more.

What area in your life do you want more of Jesus? Is it at work, family, marriage, kids, profession, giftings, health, spiritual, provision...and if you really don't know, then I encourage you to ask the Lord to meet you. I encourage you to question where your leaving God out, and to invite Him back in.

I am not perfect, but I am loved by a perfect God. I am not good, but I am loved by a good God. I am not always lovable, but I am loved by the most High.

When we start listening to the Lord instead of filling in the blanks with our own words, so much of the story will make sense. This short time on earth is but a twinkle of the eye, a quick blink. How are you going to live out more?

"And I am sure of this, that He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ. " Philippians 1:6

Lets start by seeking to Glorify Him in all that we do, how we love others and how we love Him.

"Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us," Ephesians 3:20

ready, set, go....

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