My life began twenty-seven years ago at 8:03pm on Tuesday, November 3rd, 1987. 
Melissa Ashley Leveck. Parents, Henry and Cynthia, brothers Justin and Jameson.

And its been such an adventure :)

 I am excited for the journey this next year will bring and the growth that will take place. My desire this year is to live to the utmost. I want to experience His love and adventure further in my walk with Him. 

I have been so blessed by this year alone. Last year in the end of September I ventured with one of my good friends to New Jersey, we traveled 11 states. I consumed my first legit won't be my last for sure. I went to New York, stood at the top of the Empire State building. Fulfilled a dream that I've had for so long to see a Broadway show in the city. I had the best slice of pizza from the underground subway in NY. I was stretched but it was worth it. I met amazing people and was blessed to know that my friend would be in some good hands. :) In December, I wrote a song. In January, I sold my car. And for 8 long months I walked, rode my bike and relied on friends and family to take me places. I was stretched but it was worth it.

Summer was filled with so much travel.In one week alone I traveled with one friend to Nor Cal to visit our bff, see where she grew up, visit the state capitol and feed chickens :) Then came home to take a very long venture overnight to see the Grand Canyon sunset, drive thru desert upon desert, saw pretty places in Arizona that I never knew existed and I learned how to drive a tractor all in less than 3 days. that added 3 more states to my list. and now I have traveled 15 states so far and I'm not done yet :)  In Septemeber the Lord blessed me with a car. A great car. A newer car as in 2010....not 1994. I got my nose pierced and finally dyed my hair red. I have seen lots of change. 

I have seen friends move, have babies, get new jobs, take steps of faith and be a constant example of Jesus. I have gone to funerals and wept, graduations and celebrated the amazing accomplishments that my friends have made, goodbye parties for those who were moving on. I have struggled with my relationship with Jesus, and I have grown. I have been stretched in so many ways but also met by Jesus in more ways than I deserve. 

I am blessed to have family, friends, co-workers, peers and high school students whom I love and love me. I am blessed to know that I am loved. I am cherished and I am uniquely made. 

So 27 years on this earth. I feel like I have learned so much and so little all at the same time. The more I serve in ministry the more I realize how little I really know. The more I am stretched the more I realize just how little I've come but how far Jesus wants to take me. I have been reminded to not compare myself with others, live life to the utmost and seek His joy that is greater than happiness. Travel, eat well and laugh a whole lot. Seek Jesus and seek to be sought by Him. I have learned that rawness is genuine and we all desire to see that in Jesus and in others. 

I have also learned that the beat goes keep going and don't stop :) 

p.s. thanks for reading. 

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