Sweet and Bitter

Sweet to my ears
Bitter to my heart
To know this love must first set apart 

To set apart those who's hope is in the Savior
To those who choose to call him their own
And ache for those who seek the treasures of fading suns
And idols that turn to dust

Men who read but do not listen
Men who see but who do not believe
Allowed destruction and freedom
Rest can't come to those you don't trust

Burdens carried far, some surrender
Others are in too deep to see that the broad path does not give life but rather leads to a deeper and darker
Place where emptiness and despair dwell 
to only realize that they no longer sense the light that was always by their side,
the light that kept them warm and safe and sure of no harm

Now they seek to feel it again
Lost in the battle of reality and the effects of sin
We are all trapped in a spiral of unknown
It just takes a step to admit that we are at fault
We have rejected
We have fallen

He has come to overcome
He has come to break the chains
He has come to bring light
He has come to win the fight

Sweet, To die
To live
To love
To be

He is
The payment
The hero
The victor of our souls who dashingly sought our retched selves to bring a peace only his son could fulfill
Oh Savior how Sweet

My take on Revelation 9

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