Making sense

Often times I get so caught up in the next chapter or next step that I forget to breathe. I love how there are so many stories in the bible of how people doubted God but that His faithfulness always was the center of the story. I'm so thankful that I can count on my Jesus to lead and guide me wherever I go.
Abraham was chosen to bring forth a son who would change the world. Abraham was chosen to take a step of faith. David was chosen to be leader. Rebecca was chosen to be the wife of Isaac. Jonah was chosen to bring the good news to a dying place. Moses was chosen to lead the people to the promise land. Joseph was chosen to be the husband of Mary. Daniel was chosen to stand up for his beliefs, even unto death. Paul was chosen to show us what a true disciple looks like. All these people didn't one day say " Hey Lord, I want to be taken through the roughest of times and die for you if I have to." I'm not sure if they would of followed the direction of the Lord without knowing securely that they were in good hands. Its says clearly in the bible that He will not leave nor forsake us. Yet...I place my trust in man. I place my trust in unsure objects.

I am at awe of how the Lord chose these people knowing there downfalls and disobedient attitudes. I am not worthy of His guidance or blessings. A lot of the times I can say that I've been an Abraham who doubted the blessings of God, or a Jonah who denied the leading of the call. Or Paul who spat at the people he would soon come to love. Or Moses who was angered and impatient and wasn't able to enter into the promise land. But....we aren't always going to see the end result. We are given certain tasks in life and its not always going to be easy. In fact it will be difficult and tiring and sometimes impossible. Has he ever given me a reason to doubt him? and the answer will always be NO. So I challenge you and myself to TRUST in the never failing, all knowing and all loving vast creator of the this universe and all that we cannot see, because [if] we are worth so much to Him, is it that hard to believe it.

"Trust in the LORD" and the rest will be great.

"I am not my own
He bought me at a price
the highest king of all the land
made me His greatest prize

in his unfailing love
i rest to further depths
that life is far better
when I'm walking in His steps

Oh vast creator
please shine your glory on me
that as I travel this unknown land
your beauty will lead me home "

warning: this post is not supposed to make sense.

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