Today I went to school. Came home. Rested cause i was feeling icky and than headed to work. well about an hour before we close this lady comes in and i ask if she needs any help. she asked about the prayer ministry and how she could get some prayer, so i inform her and she proceeds to tell me that she was going in for treatments cause she had some sort of cancer(she did not tell me).While i was putting books away i prayer for her and got her name.

Her name is Mary, around 50 years old and middle eastern. She has cancer and she just needs comfort, encouragement and support from the Lord and Christians. Please pray that the Lord would heal her in His way and that He would provide comfort and love. Thanks !!!


In the middle of the water
on this small boat
drifting away from the shore

pressed to get the other side
distracted by the storm

crashing waves
choppy seas
the boat in the midst
of a battle

no chance of sunlight
darkness surrounds
fear has replaced my peace

"Peace be still" I hear
the words of a man with no fear

quickly i rise to see
its my Jesus, He came to rescue me.

The Lord is sooooo good. Its been hard this semester. I have wanted to give up on life, friendships, ministry and school but the Lord did not give up on me. He gave His strength to go on. I believe that God is doing awesome things this year and even though I'm not sure what He wants to do through me, I do know that He is in control. I just want to rest in His love and not walk away from His promises.

Lord, guide me, show me how I can rest in you. Lord help me to believe in Your promises for my life and fill me with Your Spirit to do Your work. God be glorified through me. Thank You for everything. My Jesus, My daddy, My love thank you.
In Jesus Name, Amen.

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