hmm... it was interesting as i tell people who ask.

My car will not start. My parents from Riverside had it towed down to Santa ana for me so that way Roger ( stepdad) and i,could look at it.
Than i noticed a flat tire on the left back tire. hmm. So i have a car that won't start with a Full tank of gas and a flat tire.

In other news.... its going to cost at least $100 dollars to fix my distributor...which we are not even sure will fix the problem to make the car work again. Now i have to call the DMV to tell them what happened to my car so that way i can hopefully not be in the whole more money on smog charges.

But in the end......God is in control. He knows the reasoning behind this and He has a plan for me no matter what. God is good. all the time.

Prayer request- that God would provide the money to get my car running again. and that through this I would grow in my trust and faith in Him.

Hope that no matter how your thanksgiving turned out, that God was and will continually be glorified.


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