Ok here's the truth. I want to travel, teach kids, teach as a professor some odd fun thing, sing for church, do worship, learn guitar and make music for God, start a church or be involved with starting one, live in europe, mexico, south africa, riverside, and wherever my Lord has me to live. I think it would be awsome if i finished at OCC, attended bible college, and cal - baptist. I want to be organized and sure that i will pass all my classes with flying colors, always want to be involved with the ministry, eventually go on a missions trip, get a passport, eventually own a truck, trust that God will provide in any situation that i am in. Live with my greatest friends in the world, go on raod trip, pass the tests that God gives me, not care what others think of me( working on that , getting some progress), learn to hip- hop and crip walking, get married and have 3-4 kids and adopt 1. start a bible study and open my home for church things, not fear anything except my Lord. Be a light in this dark world. realize that i can't do anything with my strength that i need to give up my flesh and pride and rely on God to help me through. never change the way God made me instead grow and become the woman after His heart.

The truth comes out. are you ready to listen?
can you even grasp the thought
of more than yourself , of a God?
is it possible to gain a father so fast
to leave the fear behind to never look back
are you ready to change for better?
are you ready to live in love?
is it ok to have these desires
when they glorify the Lord?
questioning the possiblity of them ever taking place
I am ready to listen , scared to grasp anyone but me,
scared to think i have a father that i dont see
i dont need to look back and He forgets your past.
I am ready to change for the better
to live in love
to know that all my desires in Him will be blessed by Him,
and i question His power and mine
in the end knowing He is the truth and devine.

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