I am there…

When you fall asleep and close your eyes to dream of something sweet
I am there

When you cry and yell for me
I am there by your side, you just can’t see

When you are waiting for all to calm down
I am there to lighten the sound
I am there to unshaken the ground

When all you need is a long embracing hug
I am there with many angels comforting your soul

When you may think I am to far away, just speak to me,
I am there when you pray

And when times in you day are not glorifying to me and rest is all you need
I am there to give you rest to cast those burdens far

Most of all when you FEEL like nothing else could get worse that life is just to hard

Remember the death of my son on the cross,
Although he was sacrificed, it wasn’t a loss

Good can come out of bad, you just have to trust in me

When you are sleeping and resting your soul
Just remember I am there putting back those broken pieces and making you whole.

So next when you close your eyes just get some rest
Remember I am always there by your side giving you the very best


Anonymous said...

amen to that. i'm soooooooooo glad He is always there.

love you!

carly said...

i have a new blog. it's kind of lame, but that's ok. it's also very pink. we'll see if i keep it or not. i guess i will. hehe.

carly said...