amazing grace

Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wrench like me....i once was lost but now i am found was blind but now i see.
The Lord is so awsome. It is truely a privalige to speak of Him. To have friends and to have that fellowship with eachother. I am so excited that we have our life already awaiting us and we just get to stroll on by. Now really , its not that easy to just take life and not have some input in God's glorious plans. Of course we will want to tweak it but the Lord is almighty how could we not trust Him.

Sometimes i stand and stare outside the box, just to get out of where i lie
sometimes i wish that this life wasnt so hard and that all my doubts would dissapear
sometimes i walk in a path i can't seem to see an end that doesnt seem near
and sometimes i sit in the corner waiting for life to end.
In all these times not once even though there was doubt and fear have i ever been alone
when i stood and stared outside that box, He was there
when i wished that this life wasn't so hard , He went through it all
when i walked in the path that awaited new life, He carried me ever step
and when i sat in that corner waiting for life to end , He was there promising me a new life and His hand.
Oh amazing Savior how gracious your king
to live a perfect life , to give us everything.
Oh what a precious God who made us all
my perfect true love who will never let me fall.

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