His blessings

It's not luck like the world seems to call it
It's not just random times that i come so far
It's not gambling with love or even fear
It's not even my own self trying to reapper

It's this man that died along while ago
It's a man who came so far to lift me up
It's a man who never gambeled his life for ours
It's a man who is selfless and cannot fear

O this man i wish to see
the face and voice that comfort me
seeing is not believing or so i have heard
truth is what i see when i hear of this man
and love and joy that He carries in His hands

Rejoice and know that this man is not of flesh
not of selfishness or self confidence
but rather of spirit
a spirit of truth, this truth i want to know.

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Anonymous said...

awesome. i'm really excited that we actually get to see and hear "the face and voice that comfort" in the not so distant future. i pray that He'd increase our longing for that day...this is not our home! :-)