AFter a time of lostness i have finally understood what God is trying to say. And that He has always showed me the direction i just never had the right focus. Amazing how when everything is going down hill its only God trying to get your attention and thats the only way. The LORD is amazing in so many ways.


Driving down that road just looking for a stop
confused and ready to drop
tears start to swell up my eyes
afraid and alone , is it only I?
how can i see this path ?
thats so clear
how do i know the way?

stoping to calm down
afraid to finish this road
almost giving up on something so simple
a desire never realized
can it be real, can i live like this?

lost and confused was I
found and loved am I
chosen by the savior of all
He will pick you up
when you start to fall

dont worry about that path
put your focus on Me
Look around and see this love
this love , it's free.


Anonymous said...

uuh you prob want to delete that comment...

anyway, awesome poem. it's so cool to me how you got so much spiritual application, things God was wanting to say to you, out of an ordinary occurrence. it's inspiring and awesome to me; thanks for calling and sharing it with me.

i love you and i will see you tomorrow!! :-) hopefully, heather, daniel, you and me can hang out tomorrow. call me and let me know when you are going to be back in town. :-)

Daniel said...

That was deep Melissa, you really have a knack for this kind of stuff. God has definitely blessed you with this talent. You should write songs too, because I think you would be good at that as well. I hope you had a good time in LA...c ya

Anonymous said...

hehe, I will work on it!